Welcome To Caveman Films

Hi and welcome to The Imaginarium – a London based Production Studio, which I’ve set up to further the art and craft of Performance Capture in film, TV, video games and the live performing arts.

Performance Capture is the ground- breaking technology that transforms an actor’s performance into a digitally realized character. It’s what enabled me to become Gollum in Lord of The Rings, King Kong and more recently Caesar in the Planet of the Apes and Captain Haddock in Tintin.

I’ve been involved in the development of this pioneering technology from its inception 10 years ago, first as an actor and now as a director. So it’s tremendously exciting to be launching this new studio and to be part of the revolution that is taking visual entertainment to new levels of audience engagement.

The vision is for The Imaginarium to become a global Centre of Excellence for Performance Capture collaborating with the major studios and developing new talent and technology.

Our immensely talented team of Imaginarium experts offer a full Performance Capture service and as Creative Director, I’ll creatively oversee Studio projects.

The Imaginarium team will collaborate creatively and technically right from the get go of your project – from discussing the initial concept and its requirements, through help with the casting of actors or stunt performers, presence at rehearsals and advice on movement coaching to shooting and the final delivery of data to you. And you’ll have access to the very latest, most cutting edge technology.

The current technology is only the tip of the iceberg of this incredible new tool. Through our joint research and development initiatives with key industry partners and training schemes, we’ll advance this technology in all its forms, making it more accessible – and ensuring that the UK plays a key role in future developments of all Performance Capture related software and hardware.

This is just the first phase in the launch of this incredibly exciting new venture. Stay tuned for more Imaginarium news as it unfolds….!

What we’ve been up to…

If you’ve been a follower of our work in recent years, yes, we did happen to have a break. Unfortunately, we forgot that we had to renew the website and things kind of got out of hand. However, we are getting back into the groove of things and will even be offering our thoughts on some movies that have come out in recent times.

We’ll also be focusing some time and attention into where the online world is heading in terms of production value when it comes to editing, and producing great imagery from things that can be less than “remarkable”.

So where IS the internet heading anyway?

We believe that the internet is going to become even more interactive over the coming years… in fact, The Imaginarium might become a way to communicate with each other over the web, without ever having to leave your room.

Of course, that’s far off into the future – and for right now, we’re focused on simply creating what works before moving into the “technology” part of making movies.

Speaking of movies, here’s one of our recent works…

This was created for a company called “House Of Pheromones” – which was created to review pheromone colognes and perfumes for men – and succeeds greatly at it.

Firstly, because they refuse to “hype” products that everyone else praises just to make a commission, but because the owner, PheroJoe goes out of his way to create high quality graphics, videos, and goes the extra mile to make sure his website looks trustworthy.

This video was a small snippet of a much larger production – we are thinking of making a “gag” type video, where a guy secretly uses pheromones and becomes the talk of the town so quick – and eventually get’s caught out.

Take a quick peak here:

We’re still working on a few different aspects of how exactly to market and create entertainment around this small, yet rabid niche of pheromone users – however, we’re all about looking past obstacles and seeing the “bigger picture”. Sure, we may not motion capture for pheromone products for men, but at the very least it’s a an interesting concept. If you have questions, please get in touch with PheroJoe personally as we do not deal specifically with the products.