Is smoking e-cigs in films fashionable?

The Tourist

I am not a huge fan of modern cinema, but sometimes I watch latest films. “The Tourist” – a romantic comedy thriller from 2010 directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck is one of them.  The scene that I liked the most was the one where Johnny Depp (in a role of Frank Tupelo) sits on the train smoking his electronic cigarette. Is Hollywood introducing us to new trends? Continue reading…

I’m a Caveman… a man addicted to films!

I’m a Caveman… a man addicted to films!

No, my name doesn’t come from the Herschel Faber’s movie from 2013. It’s more related to my life style. I like to stay for the whole day in my house and to do nothing, just getting more and more familiar with the history of cinema. You don’t know how thrilling it can be sometimes!

I couldn’t have stood it. Finally I created this blog to let you learn more about the best films that have ever been created. I’m a huge fan of film history, from the birth of film, until now. I’ll be more than happy if you decide to spend a bit of your free time on reading my reviews, comments, and different thoughts. Continue reading…