Where Motion Capture Is Heading In The Future

Yes, that’s me on the video… since this site has been up, I haven’t really put many clips online about how the process of motion capture actually took place and what’s involved with it all.

But anyway, let’s talk about the future – where is motion capture heading in the future?

Virtual reality? Maybe full and total immersion into the digital world? Maybe explorable worlds on the internet?

It’s hard to say, because the possibilities are so limitless. With technology like Oculus Rift leading the way with immersive gaming technology, the world of film and movies gets even more staggeringly awesome.

One of the technologies that I think will be very important in the near future is creating more accurate ways to portray facial expressions, as well as body language more accurately. Movies like Avatar do this quite well, but after monumental amounts of processing and editing by computers to make it look realistic.

Personally, I am extremely interested in the possibilities of being immersed in virtul worlds, and perhaps even being able to interact with things. The question then becomes… “how far is too far?” – we don’t want to create an unhealthy obsession with exploring an environment that could potentially become just as vast as the natural world itself. It would be missing smells, like the pheromones of people, the scent of beautiful flowers, the smell of rain – you get the idea.

Much like the current addiction of smart phones, people have trouble turning them off… even in environments where it just isn’t appropriate. When you’re out with friends, and you feel the need to “escape” and talk to people that aren’t even currently there, it becomes quite concerning the potential to go in “too deep” in the matrix.

Actually, that brings us to an important point – at what point have we really “arrived”? That’s a topic for another day, but we’ll get to it soon.

Thanks for reading.

  • Andy Serkis

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