The Imaginarium

Welcome to Caveman Films – a new British film company specializing in cutting edge comedy, horror and thriller films.

Founded in 2009 by Actor/Director Andy Serkis, Producer Jonathan Cavendish, it offers a creative environment for talented actors, comedians and directors who share the Caveman mission to expand the imagination and scale of British independent film-making.

They’re also the creative partners behind THE IMAGINARIUM – a London- based production studio specialising in using Performance Capture technology to bring digital characters to life in film, video games, TV, and the live performing arts.

“We aim to be the creative link in the next stage of storytelling linking traditional film-making to next generation video gaming, from art-house to mainstream, stand-up comedy to experimental theatre.”

The Imaginarium is a London based Production Studio, set up by actor/director Andy Serkis and producer Jonathan Cavendish to specialise in using  Performance Capture to bring digital characters to life in film, video games, TV and the live performing arts.

Performance Capture is the ground- breaking technology that transforms an actor’s performance into a digitally realised character, such as Andy’s roles as Gollum in Lord of The Rings, King Kong, Caesar in Rise of the the Planet of the Apes and Captain Haddock in Tintin.

The Imaginarium Studio aims to become a global Centre of Excellence for Performance Capture collaborating with the major studios, developing new talent and leading the revolution that is taking visual entertainment to new levels of audience engagement.